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Old Slavonic – Greek / Latin Dictionary

a database based on LEXICON PALAEOSLOVENICO-GRAECO-LATINUM by Fr. Miklosich, 1865 edition

[v 1.0]


To type search term in Old Slavonic or Greek use onscreen keyboard supllied. ( keyboard icon )
For greek don´t use accents! (you´ll find ´em all!)        For lexical definition search, exact match is highlighted yellow.

FINALLY! New version is available.

Changes in this version (1.0):

• Lexicon data is displayed as Unicode text, not as images. Therefore it can be copied.

• On screen keyboard was redesigned. The keys are now larger and in the same font as Lexicon data.

• On screen keyboard displays only 47 Old Slavonic characters actually present in the Lexicon.

• All typographical errors in the Lexicon data discovered, were corrected.

• No password required. Free to use.